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Why Seitan Is the Ultimate Vegan Meat

Thanks to its texture, seitan has become a popular vegan meat option. These 13 plant-based recipes will show you the best ways to use it.

Seitan has been around for a long time, but you could say that it’s still the ultimate vegan meat. You can use it to create a number of dishes, including fried chicken, hot dogs, and burgers. But what is it and where did it come from?

What Is Seitan?

A mixture of water and vital wheat gluten, seitan has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries. The very first documented mention of wheat gluten is thought to be from 6th-century China. While its origins are likely Chinese, the word “seitan” is Japanese. Seitan as it is commonly used now, for plant-based meat, came out of the Japanese macrobiotic food movement in the 1960s. It is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and low-fat, too.

Nowadays, seitan is popular all over the world. In London, there is even a fast-food chain based around the ingredient. Temple of Seitan has two locations, in Hackney and Camden. Using seitan as a base, the popular chain makes vegan versions of fast-food chicken classics, such as Popcorn Bites and Buffalo Wings.

Seitan Nutrition

Seitan is high in protein and low in fat. One hundred grams of seitan contains around 75 grams of protein and 1.9 grams of fat. It also contains iron, fiber, and magnesium. Due to the fact it’s made from wheat gluten, seitan is not suitable for coeliacs or people with wheat allergies.

How to Use Seitan

Seitan is extremely versatile. It can be used to form the basis of many vegan meat products. It has a bland taste on its own, but it absorbs any seasoning and flavoring you add to it. Its texture is distinctly meat-like, making it the ideal addition to your diet if you’re missing animal products.

The 13 Best Vegan Seitan Recipes

If you need some inspiration, here are 13 vegan recipes that will show you how to cook with seitan.

This seitan fried chick’n is spicy and crispy. | Six Vegan Sisters

1. Seitan Fried Chick’n

Crispy, spicy, and craveable. This seitan recipe has everything you crave from fried chicken, just without the chicken. Enjoy it on its own with your favorite sauce, add it to a sandwich, or you could even mix it with dairy-free mac and cheese.

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Serve this Mongolian seitan with green vegetables and rice. | Yup It’s Vegan

2. Vegan Mongolian Beef

If you love Mongolian beef, you’ll be pleased to know you can make it with seitan too. Pan-fry the seitan first, before adding a sticky, spicy, and sweet sauce. Serve with rice, noodles, or just your go-to green vegetables.

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These vegan fajita bowls are quick and easy to make. | Jessica in the Kitchen

3. Vegan Fajita Strips

These seitan strips are perfect for fajita night. If you don’t fancy wraps, try making these vegan fajita bowls. They’re high in protein and they take just 10 minutes to throw together. Ideal for a quick, healthy, tasty lunch.

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These vegan meatballs are tasty and meaty. | Loving It Vegan

4. Seitan Meatballs

Meatballs are the ultimate comfort food classic. This recipe will show you how to make them using seitan, chickpeas, walnuts, and a variety of herbs and spices. Serve in your favorite sauce with rice or potatoes, or they’ll work perfectly with spaghetti and tomato sauce.

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Serve these tasty grilled seitan steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy. | The Curious Chickpea

5. Seitan Grilled Steak

Yes, you can have steak night without the steak. Just use seitan instead. These grilled seitan steaks by the Curious Chickpea are high in protein with a super meaty texture, so you won’t miss meat. Serve with sauteed onions, mashed potatoes, and shallot gravy.

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Serve this crispy orange seitan with your favorite vegetables. | The Curious Chickpea

6. Crispy Orange Seitan and Broccoli

Skip the takeaway and make this dish at home. You won’t be disappointed, the sticky orange sauce complements the crispy seitan perfectly. Serve with your favorite vegetables.

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Smother these seitan ribs in Chinese-style BBQ sauce. | Rabbits and Wolves

7. Chinese-Style Ribs

This dish is also perfect for a fakeaway. Use seitan to create the ribs and then smother in Chinese-style BBQ sauce. You’ll be glad you decided to cook at home.

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Serve these crispy nuggets with homemade buffalo sauce. | Make It Dairy Free

8. Buffalo Nuggets

Nuggets are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It doesn’t matter your age, everyone loves to snack on a crispy treat every now and again. Coat these seitan-based nuggets in breadcrumbs, bake, fry, and serve with Buffalo sauce.

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Why Seitan Is the Ultimate Vegan Meat

These vegan sausages are made from seitan and white beans. | Sweet Potato Soul

9. Seitan Sausage

Enjoy these tasty seitan-based sausages the traditional way, in a bun with sauce and onions. If you fancy it, you could also get creative. Try these sausages in pasta dishes, on top of pizzas, or in sandwiches.

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Why Seitan Is the Ultimate Vegan Meat

This shawarma seitan is comforting and moreish. | Vegan Heaven

10. Shawarma

Looking for the perfect comfort food? You may have just found it. This tasty seitan shawarma is deliciously moreish. Serve it in a pita with salad and tzatziki.

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Meat-lovers will enjoy this BBQ seitan chicken recipe. | Make It Dairy Free

11. Vegan BBQ Chicken

This BBQ seitan chicken recipe proves you don’t need animal products to enjoy a really satisfying, meaty meal. If you’re hosting a barbecue, throw these on the grill too to impress your guests. They’re guaranteed to keep coming back for more.

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Serve this curry seitan with pineapple rice. | Cardamom and Coconut

12. Curry Seitan With Pineapple Rice

Want to try something new? This curry seitan is quick and easy to make. Combine it with pineapple rice for the best mid-week dinner treat.

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This vegan butter chicken is creamy, spicy, and tasty.| Vegan Bell

13. Vegan Butter Chicken

Missing the taste and texture of creamy butter chicken? Follow this recipe by Vegan Bell to make your own plant-based version with seitan. It’s sure to become one of your go-to dishes. It’s tasty, spicy, authentic, and delicious.

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