Shake Shack Has a 'Slutty' Vegan Burger Created by Pinky Cole
The "SluttyShack," Shake Shack's limited-time vegan burger, was developed by chef Pinky Cole. | Shack Shack

Shake Shack Has a ‘Slutty’ Vegan Burger Created by Pinky Cole

Shake Shack has a vegan burger on its menu now, courtesy of plant-based chef Pinky Cole.

Shake Shack has a vegan burger on its menu now, courtesy of plant-based chef Pinky Cole—the founder of the popular Atlanta restaurant, Slutty Vegan. Cole partnered with the fast-casual chain as part of its new collaborative series called Now Serving. The series enlists chefs from around the United States to create burgers of their choice.

Cole’s vegan burger, dubbed the SluttyShack, features a Shake Shack veggie patty topped with an ingredient known as “Slut Dust,” lemon ginger kale, caramelized onions, vegan ranch, and vegan mayonnaise. It’s served on Slutty Vegan’s signature toasted Hawaiian bun. 

Shake Shack has limited vegan options, which include the chain’s French fries, Veggie Shack patty, and some soft drinks. But, given Cole’s culinary background, it should come as no surprise that the burger is plant-based. It combines Slutty Vegan’s “the secret is in the sauce” mantra with Shake Shack’s all-American burger. 

The new vegan burger at Shake Shack is part of a the chain’s chef-driven ‘Now Serving’ series. | Shake Shack

Where to Buy Shake Shack’s Vegan Burger

The SluttyShack will be available for a limited time at Shake Shack locations in New York City and Atlanta. Customers can buy the SluttyShack on Thursday, April 8, at the Old Fourth Ward Shack in Atlanta.

The burger was initially set to be available on Thursday, April 8, and Friday, April 9, at the Shack in Harlem. However, a Shake Shack representative has informed LIVEKINDLY that the event will be postponed due to a team member testing positive COVID-19. The restaurant will be closed and sanitized and the event will be rescheduled for later this year.

What’s more? Proceeds from the burger will be donated directly to local organizations: Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, a crisis relief organization for people in the food and beverage industry, and ROAR in New York, a community of hospitality leaders advocating for the NYC restaurant industry.

Chef Pinky Cole is both an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. | Shake Shack

Pinky Cole’s Impact

Despite being a vegan chef, Cole notes she doesn’t want to push others into her lifestyle. Instead, she wishes to encourage people to try plant-based foods.

Our mission isn’t to tell people to go vegan – but rather, to inspire guests to open up horizons with something new and different,” she said in a press release shared with LIVEKINDLY.

Speaking about the importance of giving back, Cole added: “Philanthropy is the core of who I am, and I’m encouraged by Shake Shack’s aligned outlook on giving back to its communities. Our goal with this collab is to build support for communities and industries close to our hearts.”

Cole is also the founder of the Pinky Cole Foundation. She told Bon Appétit in October 2020 that her goal is “to provide opportunities and financial literacy resources to people to help bridge the generational wealth gap.” Last year the foundation offered scholarships to 30 juvenile offenders at Slutty Vegan restaurants. 

Over the last year, we’ve all heard of Pinky Cole and the impact she’s making, not just in Atlanta and New York but across the country,” Mark Rosati, Culinary Director of Shake Shack, explained.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on March 8, 2021, to reflect the postponement of the NYC event.