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Long-standing American vegan milk brand, Silk, will soon launch single-serve, shelf-stable versions of its nondairy vanilla coffee creamers.

According to animal rights organization PETA, the new vegan coffee creamers are shelf-stable for months and are free from gluten, cholesterol, artificial flavors and colorings, and saturated fat.

Silk and many other brands offer dairy-free coffee creamers in standard-sized cartons and bottles, but this launch will be the first-ever single-serve vegan coffee creamer to come to market. Customers can expect to find Silk’s single-serve coffee creamers at retail locations as soon as August.

Silk, once a subsidiary of WhiteWave Foods, is now owned by multinational French food corporation, Danone. Along with vegan protein brand, Vega, and manufacturer of vegan dairy alternatives, So Delicious, Silk has played a role in boosting revenue for Danone’s US division, Danone North America. Last April, the company reported that it had seen a 10.8 percent sales growth in the first quarter, coinciding with the acquisition of WhiteWave.

As a likely result of the positive growth of Danone North America’s vegan dairy alternatives, in June, the corporation announced that it was considering expanding upon some of its well-established dairy yogurt brands such as Activia and the probiotic drinkable yogurt Actimel with dairy-free ranges. “The intent is that any offering in which consumers would like to have a choice between dairy and plant-based alternatives, we should make it available because the consumer is looking for it,” said a Danone spokesperson.

Silk has also recently partnered with the food and wine expert of the popular Netflix revival of “Queer Eye,” Antoni Porowski. The star sang praises for the brand’s diverse range of vegan milk offerings in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and gave tips on how to make healthy, dairy-free smoothies using Silk products. This was not the first time that the brand has partnered with a celebrity. Last January, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps appeared in a television ad promoting the brand’s almond milk.

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Silk to Launch Single-Serve Vegan Vanilla Coffee Creamer
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Silk to Launch Single-Serve Vegan Vanilla Coffee Creamer
Vegan dairy alternative brand Silk will launch single-serve versions of its nondairy vanilla coffeee creamer; the new creamers are expected in August.
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