Simple Vegan Caesar Salad With the Best Dressing on Earth

Most Caesar salads turn an otherwise healthy dish into junk food. Lettuce is drowned in are cream and cheese-based dressing that’s also loaded with anchovy paste. By contrast, this salad is so clean, so simple, and deliciously easy to make.

A base of romaine lettuce gets topped with a light vegan salad dressing that is creamy, insanely delicious, and smells divine! Made with cashews and lemon you’ll never know it’s not dairy-based/ For those of you struggling to find a good raw vegan salad dressing, you will no longer have that problem. Give this one a try!

Instead of croutons, this Caesar gets its crunchy topping from flax crackers for an extra omega boost.


This recipe was republished with permission from FullyRawKristina.

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