7 Classic St. Patrick’s Day Recipes, Made Vegan

From vegan corned beef to dairy-free "Shamrock Shakes," these St. Patrick's Day recipes are all completely plant-based.
7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Whip up one of these green, vegan recipes for St. Patrick's Day. | Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Who doesn’t love some classic St. Patrick’s Day recipes, especially if they’re made vegan?

St. Patrick’s Day—also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick—is a cultural and religious celebration held anually on March 17. That day is understood to be the traditional death date of St. Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day also commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish.

The holiday was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and, from a religious perspective, is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church. Christians who belong to liturgical denominations may attend church services on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have evolved over the years and typically involve public parades and festivals, gatherings with family and friends (often centered around traditional Irish food), and wearing green attire or shamrocks, which symbolizes the rebirth of spring as well as Irish pride.

Though the holiday does have religious roots, it is celebrated in many different parts of the world (such as portions of Europe, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand) in different ways. St. Patrick’s Day is also known to be a particularly raucous occasion thanks to the alcohol consumption that’s often associated with it. This stems from the fact that, historically, the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted for the day, which has encouraged drinking.

Many people also mark St. Patrick’s Day with a spread of traditional Irish food. 

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Many classic Irish dishes can be made vegan without sacrificing flavor or tradition. | iStock

Vegan St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

Though Irish cuisine is very focused on basic ingredients such as meat, potatoes, and vegetables, many classic Irish dishes can be made vegan without sacrificing flavor or tradition.

The star of the standard St. Patrick’s Day spread is typically corned beef and cabbage. While cabbage has long been an Irish food, corned beef only began to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day at the turn of the century. This is because Irish immigrants living on New York City’s Lower East Side substituted corned beef for their traditional dish of Irish bacon in order to save money. The Irish learned about the cheaper alternative from their Jewish neighbors.

Other popular dishes often seen at a St. Patrick’s Day feast include soda bread, colcannon, which is mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale, and Irish stew. Many foods are often made with green ingredients in honor of the holiday.

Celebrate Vegan St. Patrick’s Day with These 7 Recipes

LIVEKINDLY reached out to several popular food bloggers who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for some of their favorite vegan St. Patrick’s Day dishes. Each blogger included personal details about what the dish means to them, their family, and how it relates to the Irish holiday.

Check out a handful of popular plant-based St. Patrick’s Day dishes below.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
This classic Irish dish can be made vegan. | V Nutrition

Vegan Colcannon Soup 

While colcannon is an Irish dish that consists of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale, this version takes those ingredients, along with onion, garlic, and vegetable broth, and blends them into a hearty soup.

My vegan colcannon soup is one of my favorite recipes because it reminds me of my Nana and our Irish roots. Growing up, my Nana would make potatoes for us often, and anytime I use potatoes I think of her in her kitchen,” says Mary Ellen Valverde. “This soup is inspired by the traditional Irish side dish that is often eaten on St. Patrick’s Day, however, it’s vegan and made extra creamy with cashews. I hope everyone will give it a try this St. Patty’s Day because it’s seriously delicious!

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Make this vegan shepherd’s pie for St. Patrick’s Day. | Vegan Huggs

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

A veganized twist on a St. Patrick’s Day classic, this vegan shepherd’s pie combines mushrooms, ground walnuts, grated carrots, and onions for a meaty mince that is savory and satisfying,” says Melissa Huggins. “It has pure comfort in every bite and your family will love it. It’s the perfect way to celebrate!

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Try this savory vegan corned beef. | The Hidden Veggies

Vegan Corned Beef

Corned beef was always a favorite of mine as a child, but I went many years without the flavor after going vegan,” says Monica Davis. “After much experimenting with spices, I was excited to figure out a marinade to flavor tofu with so that it tasted like corn beef. Now I make a vegan corned beef and cabbage meal for my family every St. Patrick’s Day.

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Whip up a batch of this vegan colcannon. |

Vegan Colcannon

Even though my dad’s family has Irish ancestry, we didn’t have any food traditions for St. Patrick’s Day. It wasn’t until I was older and started creating my own recipes that I started to explore food from that area,” says Dianne Wenz. “I first made colcannon on a whim for a potluck years ago. Everyone asked for the recipe, so I wrote it down, and it’s now become my own St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Indulge in a bowl of vegan Irish stew. | The Curious Chickpea

Vegan Irish Stew 

Not everything eaten on St. Patrick’s Day needs to be green! This hearty Irish stew is a classic meat-and-potatoes dish made vegan,” says Eva Agha. “A bottle of stout (most Guiness is now vegan!) makes the broth extra rich tasting and savory, balanced by large pieces of potato, carrots, and seitan. It’s the perfect dish for warming your belly on a chilly night, and pretending that you’re in Ireland with every bite!” 

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Make a batch of these vegan guinness cupcakes for dessert. | The Edgy Veg

Vegan Guinness Cupcakes With Bailey’s Buttercream

The Guinness Cupcakes are great because they are crowd-pleasers! Anyone who isn’t confident with their baking or cake-decorating skills can make these perfectly,” says Candice Hutchings. “For an extra special touch, use a food syringe to inject whiskey or vegan Bailey’s into the cupcakes!

Get the recipe here.

7 Classic St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Made Vegan
Make a vegan shamrock shake for St. Patrick’s Day. |

Vegan Shamrock Shakes

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with these gorgeously green vegan shamrock shakes,” notes Alison Andrews. “They’re so easy to make too. All you need is four ingredients and a blender, and five minutes later you’ll be sipping on this tall, creamy, refreshing drink.” 

Get the recipe here.


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