Starbucks Just Launched a Vegan Christmas Wrap
Starbucks now has a vegan Christmas wrap.

Starbucks’ vegan food menu, which boasts sandwiches and cakes, has grown once again. The coffeehouse chain just launched a vegan Christmas wrap.

Starbucks UK’s vegan menu includes a tofu breakfast burrito, dairy-free mac ‘n’ cheese, the Vegan Wrap with Falafel & Slaw, plant-based oatmeal porridge, the BBQ Vegan Wrap with Jackfruit and Slaw, and Vegan Chocolate & Raspberry Cake.

The newest addition to the menu is the Very Merry Vegan Wrap. The festive treat comes with crumbled butternut squash fritters, roasted red cabbage, and an egg-free maple mustard mayonnaise. It features a red beetroot wrap.

The chain’s latest festive drink option can also be made vegan on request. The Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate is made with mocha sauce, marshmallow syrup, whipped cream, and a caramelised sugar topping. Customers can order it vegan by asking for dairy-free milk and for the whipped cream to be left off.

Starbucks Just Launched a Vegan Christmas Wrap
Asda is one of the many companies in the UK offering vegan Christmas food. | Asda

Vegan Christmas Food

Christmas is fast approaching and companies are keen to cater to the demand for festive food. And as more and more Brits ditch animal products, vegan Christmas food steals the limelight.

Boots — the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer — introduced three vegan Christmas sandwiches in October. The Vegan Christmas Feast sandwich features red cabbage, fried onions, egg-free mayonnaise, and a roast vegetable stuffing. The Vegan Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese sandwich comes with dairy-free cream cheese and seasoned smokey carrot strips. And the Vegan Christmas Market sandwich has meat-free sausage, fried onions, mustard, cabbage, onion chutney, and vegan mayonnaise.

Major British supermarket chains are also getting into the Christmas spirit. Marks & Spencer is offering a Plant Kitchen Festive Roast this year. Sainsbury’s is selling a Vegan No Beef Wellington as well as a Vegan Jewelled Root Vegetable Wreath with Mixed Berry Sauce.

Asda’s Christmas options will get “the party started and get your guests talking.” Vegan Wellington and a dairy-free gold and chocolate swirl dessert are available. And at Tesco, shoppers will find vegan turkey wraps and meat-free pigs in blankets.

The Very Merry Vegan Wrap is available from Starbucks until January 2.