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International coffee chain Starbucks have announced that another dairy-free alternative will be joining their menu. Oat milk will be available in all UK stores, according to the company. The brand introduced the product on social media, saying, “You asked we listened”, suggesting that the addition is due to consumer demand.

The new product joins many other vegan additions in recent months. Starbucks have previously added multiple plant-based milks, a dairy-free Halloween frappucino and vegan Christmas drinks to their stores, appearing to acknowledge the growing vegan market. In fact, the plant-based movement seems to be gaining momentum all the time. Veganuary, the month-long pledge to ditch animal products, has reached new heights this year, attracting more participants than ever before.

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Starbucks also debuted their first ever vegan dessert recently, as other major names follow suit. Pret, 7-Eleven and Trader Joes all added vegan options in 2017, as ALDI brought out an entire vegan line. It seems consumer preference is increasingly leaning toward a vegan diet, and businesses are listening. Various markets have been impacted by the shift; pepperoni sales have taken a hit as vegan products gain popularity.

The announcement of oat milk in Starbucks stores has certainly pleased customers so far.

The changing market is likely due to an increase in awareness by consumers. A growing attention to health is a notable driving factor, as meat and dairy are increasingly linked to disease. Additionally, ethics and environmental reasons play a role, as a growing amount of the population become aware of the benefits of plant-based eating. In fact, 30% of the UK have admitted that they would like to give up cheese and dairy.

And with the help of Starbucks’ new oat milk, alongside their existing coconut and almond milk, ditching dairy is easier than ever.

Image Credit: Starbucks