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Mr Kipling Has Vegan Treacle Tarts Now

Mr Kipling Has Vegan Treacle Tarts Now

Mr Kipling's Treacle Tarts are vegan and you can buy them in the UK. The bakery giant -- known for its “exceedingly good cakes” -- has sold pies and other baked goods for more than...
WIP Vegan Pink ‘Love, Oreos’ Launch Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Vegan Pink ‘Love, Oreo’ Cookies Launch Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is on its way. And what better way to celebrate than with pink love-themed vegan Oreos. The limited edition loved-up snacks, called "Love, Oreo," feature a pink dairy-free creme- filling and are described by the...

10 Accidentally Vegan Chip Flavors Available in The U.S

While chips are certainly not the healthiest snack foods, we made the executive decision that these guilty pleasures still deserve their very own list. A selection of perfect on-the-go grub for when you're traveling and...