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Traffic lights in Berlin want you to stop eating meat and go vegan. According to BZ Berlin, activists have pasted “stop meat” templates on red traffic lights across Berlin-Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. On the green lights, they have pasted a template for the words “go vegan.” It is unknown who is responsible for the signs. According […]
Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio just produced another movie about climate change. Called “Ice on Fire,” the new HBO documentary goes beyond the current climate crisis and presents cutting-edge solutions to reducing carbon in the atmosphere, which could potentially slow down global warming. Filming took place in Norway, Alaska, Iceland, Colorado, Switzerland, […]
Bill Gates is a man who needs little introduction. And his love for investing in vegan food and tech is almost as well-known as he is these days. While not vegan personally, Gates has on multiple occasions spoken to the importance of reducing meat consumption and plant-based protein – including in a 2013 interview with […]
For many, making the decision to go vegan is an ethically, environmentally, or health motivated choice. But like any lifestyle change, it can prompt a barrage of questions, opinions, and in some cases, criticisms that aren’t always easy to deal with. Sometimes, the best way to deal with these kinds of instances is to keep […]
Updated April 22, 2019. Traffic lights in Brussels are doing more than just controlling the flow of cars in the EU capital city. Similar to the popular “eating animals” stickers that have been appearing on U.S. stop signs for decades, at least two dozen lights in the city have been retooled — the red stop […]
Vegan-friendly shoe company TOMS has always strived to do more, aligning its business with causes it is passionate about and working to create meaningful changes in the world. Its most recent endeavor sees the shoe brand working to help end gun violence in schools across the U.S. TOMS began with founder Blake Mycoskie’s dream. While traveling in […]