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Longtime vegan and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix revealed his reason for going vegan during a recent interview with Collider to discuss his new thriller, “You Were Never Really Here.” The interview touched upon a variety of topics. Phoenix spoke to his interest in Marvel movies, childhood collections, weekend plans, the new movie, and finally, what inspired […]
In a recent interview with Shape, vegan “House Of Cards“ actor, Kate Mara, discussed her passion for animal rights and her reason for becoming vegan. To help balance her life and all its exciting new and different facets, Kate credits these five personal truths. Discussing Mara’s “five personal truths,” which are defined as what helps “balance her […]
A new film surrounding the origin of famous comic book villain, the Joker, is in the early stages of production with the working title: “The Joker: The Clown of Crime”. The movie is set to be produced as a stand-alone film by Todd Phillips for entertainment company Warner Bros. Co-writer and director Phillips recently revealed […]
American actor and activist James Cromwell has taken up a new acting part, though this one is a little different to his former roles. Cromwell has previously appeared in Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Space Cowboys (2000), I, Robot (2004) and American Horror Story: Asylum (2012), for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award. His […]