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In a new feature named The rise of the vegans – Are we falling out of love with meat?, Ceren Senkul of Sky News has encouraged people to give plant based eating a try. The article links the rise of veganism across the globe with the rise of the internet, stating that ‘the internet means […]
Sales of Baileys Irish “cream” liqueurs are up more than three percent this year, the Irish Spirits Association said earlier this month. And while most of the company’s sales are coming from its traditional dairy-based products, the rise is associated with a combination of new flavors (salted caramel, espresso cream, pumpkin spice, chocolate cherry) as […]
Speaking with the San Francisco Chronicle, blogger Tonia Brow claimed ‘Veganism is not going away.’ The former real estate agent moved to Napa years ago, and at the time, she was disappointed by the number of vegan options there were available. Both food and wine for vegans were hard to find, but today it’s a […]
An unofficial pop-up bar is coming to Lafayette St. in SoHo on November 15th – with a vegan-friendly, sci-fi twist. This bar is inspired solely by the Star Wars Chronicles, specifically The Dark Side. Founded by Zach Neil, the brainpower behind another existing film-inspired bar: a Tim Burton-themed Beetle House. Neil is also a vegan. Darkside […]
All Guinness will soon be suitable for vegans! The brand made the announcement back in 2015 that they were changing their filtration process in order for the stout to become vegan friendly. At the time, a spokesperson for Diageo (the company that owns Guinness) said that they “hope[d] to have the new system up and running […]
Oktoberfest, it’s all about the beer (mostly lagers), bread, stockings and bangin’ vegan food. For all the festival-goers, or stay-at-home-ers, we’ve got 5 of the best vegan beers, and 5 of the best vegan Bratwurst recipes. Just in time for when the calendar clocks out of National Beer Lovers Day, and clocks into September 16th, […]