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The Dutch government is facing seminal changes in order to meet its self-imposed climate change targets. The Netherlands’ prime strategic advisory board, the Council for Environment and Infrastructure (Rli), has recommended the nation decrease its livestock population and enact new food policies promoting plant-based protein. In June, the Dutch Parliament approved a new law to […]
The multibillion-dollar global meat manufacturer NH Foods has pledged to stop all animal testing from 2020 onwards. The company, which is the largest meat supplier in Japan, made the promise after discussions with the animal rights organization PETA. Given that the meat industry is one of the most exploitative industries on the planet in terms […]
The regulation and approval of clean meat and plant-based meat should fall under the purview of the USDA and not the FDA, says a coalition of seven livestock groups in a letter sent to President Trump last week. The groups: the American Farm Bureau Federation, American Sheep Industry Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Chicken Council, […]
Data from Animal Pharm, an animal agriculture business analysis company, revealed the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars annually from antibiotics fed to livestock. According to the publication, the pharmaceuticals industry nets $5 billion (£3.77bn) per year on animal agriculture antibiotics alone. That is comprised of around $1.25bn from the European sector and nearly […]
One of the great American myths we are taught from childhood is that competition breeds efficiency. In high school I recall learning about Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and the free market, which, if left unfettered, magically achieves a perfect equilibrium between supply and demand, consumer and producer. The reality is that capitalism has engulfed us […]
A new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters has revealed the presence of a massive ocean dead zone, an area of the ocean made uninhabitable due to a lack of oxygen, located in the Gulf of Oman part of the Arabian Sea. While the Gulf of Oman area was already known to have depleted oxygen levels based […]