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A new short documentary exposes what life is like on a factory farm. Called “M6NTHS,” the 12-minute film follows the life of a piglet born into the meat industry. The film is free to watch, but may be hard to watch for some people, especially children. The film does not hide what pigs on factory […]
Updated October 3, 2019. Marine mammal park SeaWorld is now advertising vegan food including the meat-like Impossible Burger. Earlier this year, SeaWorld Orlando announced details for its Seven Seas Food Festival, an annual event that brings together various bands and cuisines. “Last year, with the Seven Seas [Food Festival], especially, we started with the Impossible […]
Scary Dairy, a new website by the UK-based animal rights charity Viva!, aims to help the British public go dairy-free. The new site provides comprehensive information on what happens to cows and goats in the dairy industry and how ditching milk, butter, and cheese can improve health. It also provides dairy-free recipes, guides on where to find vegan […]
Vegan musician Moby believes that mother cows and their calves belong together, no matter what. The longtime animal activist took to Instagram last week to share a photo of a mother cow named Maybelle and her baby, Eclipse, residents of the farm animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn Tennessee. “How it should be,” he wrote.“Mother and daughter: rescued, […]
California lawmakers have passed a major piece of legislation that will help reduce animal suffering in the country’s most populous state. The bill, SB 1249, was approved by the State Assembly in a unanimous vote. It makes it unlawful for cosmetics manufacturers to sell products in the state that have been tested on animals. This includes […]

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