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The French Equestrian Federation (FFE), the umbrella organization for all of the country’s leisure and competition horse and pony activities, has banned the practice of trimming horse whiskers. Is It Wrong to Trim Horse Whiskers? Vibrissae, the technical term for the long tactile hairs around a horse’s eyes, mouth, and nose, are sensory organs that […]
China is making a groundbreaking shift away from cosmetic animal testing with the approval of two new non-animal methods. The two new tests include the direct peptide reaction assay for skin sensitization and the short time exposure assay for eye irritation. The move toward cruelty-free testing alternatives is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding […]
English comedian, actor, writer, and creator of new TV series “After Life,” Ricky Gervais, just broke down why animal testing is cruel and unreliable in less than one minute. In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, the entertainer said, “It doesn’t work. Ninety-three percent of all experiments that work on animals then fail and are […]
Do plants really feel pain? Every now and then, a story will make the rounds on news sites and social media sharing the findings of a study that allegedly uncovered that plants, like animals, experience pain. These articles typically leverage the findings to push back at the ethics of not eating animals as if to […]
Plus-size model, body positive activist, and author Tess Holliday doesn’t see a difference between pets and meat. The LA-based model attended a vegan fashion show yesterday benefiting the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, a nonprofit organization that rescues abused and neglected animals, including victims of the Asian dog meat trade. The show, hosted by animal […]
COVERGIRL is on a mission to make all makeup cruelty-free. The iconic drugstore makeup brand launched a new campaign today that celebrates the cruelty-free future of the cosmetics industry. Called Signature Selfies, the initiative encourages ethical beauty fans to take a selfie, sign it, and post it to their Instagram story with #COVERGIRLCrueltyFree. According to […]
Five-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton is speaking up for the thousands of whales that may be slaughtered in Iceland. The vegan athlete took to Instagram to share a repost from non-profit marine conservation group, the Oceanic Preservation Society. The Icelandic government announced earlier this week that it will allow whale hunting for at least […]