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Controversial 'Tiger King' Zoo to Close Indefinitely

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Exposes Plot to Kill An Animal Activist

A new true-crime series is coming to Netflix. “Tiger King” examines the life of wild animal keeper Joe Exotic and his plot to kill an animal rights activist. Netflix announced the release of the documentary...
dominion documentary

Animal Rights Documentary ‘Dominion’ Premiere Sells Out in Beijing, China

Tickets to the Chinese premiere of the animal rights documentary "Dominion" have sold out well in advance of the film's screening. "Dominion" will be released in China for the first time on July 22 at the...
geneis chavez

11-Year-Old Vegan Genesis Butler Stars in Animal Rights Documentary About Cesar Chavez

A new classroom animal rights documentary featuring Cesar Chavez has just been released. “Cesar Chavez: Respect For All” focuses on social justice and effective leadership. Genesis Butler, Chavez’s great-grandniece, is helping to promote the...