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Animal activist and actor Christian Serratos, best known for her role portraying Rosita Espinosa in the hit horror TV show The Walking Dead, recently paid a visit to the residents of The Gentle Barn Los Angeles, an animal sanctuary that provides a safe home to animals rescued from abuse and neglect. Serratos spent the day interacting […]
Kindred Spirits Care Farm is on a mission to promote farm animal welfare and sustainable agriculture one community garden at a time. The Los Angeles-based non-profit integrates with established high school farms to modernize their practices and teach the students about compassion, nutrition, animal care, and plant-based farming. Kindred Spirits launched four years ago through […]
The Vegan Society just released a teaser video to promote their exclusive interview with Fiona Oaks, a vegan record-breaking marathon runner. The video is part of the organization’s new digital event series, The Vegan Society Talks. Oakes is a committed vegan with a passion for helping animals. She first ventured into vegetarianism for ethical reasons, […]
New Jersey’s Freedom Farm Animal Rescue has secured a new permanent location for its animals. Due to support from a Go Fund Me campaign and Peace 4 Animals, the animal rescue has obtained forty-three acres of farmland in Cedarville, New Jersey. Prior to this, the four-year-old nonprofit was housing over two hundred rescued farm animals in a temporary location […]
Beloved spokesswine for the animal rescue movement, Esther the Wonder Pig, invites animal lovers to take a vacation – and support rescued farm animals in the process. The second annual vegan-friendly Esther Cruise will set sail on February 24, 2018, aboard Carnival Cruise Lines, and all proceeds will directly benefit the sanctuary’s animal residents. The inaugural Esther […]
A major billboard campaign launched throughout New York City this week by the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, includes a giant billboard in the heart of Times Square, encouraging people to go vegan this holiday season and extend compassion to all animals. The campaign features animals rescued by the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, one of the nation’s leading […]
In a heartwarming speech at a recent fundraiser for the Loveland Sanctuary in Orange County, Asher Brown, founder of LA’s Pollution Studios, urged his audience to open their minds to a life without animal products. “To everyone listening, I challenge you to think. Open your eyes to the suffering that is being caused, and trust your […]