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Vegan chicken is an increasingly popular protein choice. Many consumers are moving away from animal products and toward plant-based alternatives. People are ditching animal products to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve their health, and to save the lives of millions of animals. Poultry is the second most widely consumed meat in the world, […]
New York City will open an “Office of Animal Welfare.” This makes it the nation’s first city to have a dedicated office for animal welfare. The new office — set to be based within the mayor’s office — will oversee administration and regulation of animal welfare issues in the city. It will also oversee animal […]
(Updated January 28, 2020) | American ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s has dropped claims that the dairy it uses in its products comes from “happy cows.” The move follows a lawsuit filed last October. The animal welfare lawsuit accuses Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever of false advertising. In the complaint, environmental […]
The New York City mayor Bill de Blasio signed the foie gras ban into law. The city joins California, another major market, in prohibiting foie gras.

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