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British supermarket retailer Asda has increased its vegan options, welcoming plant-based flatbread pizzas to its store shelves. The new product is part of Asda’s own-brand Flatbread pizza range. The line previously offered meat and cheese-based flatbread pizzas, but now the supermarket chain has added the Vegan Veggie Feast to the range. The frozen pizza is […]
Snack lovers have cause for celebration as Asda is offering a vegan version of the popular British biscuit, Custard Creams. Though not labeled with the familiar name — which dates back to the Victorian era — the biscuits have been hailed as a convincing dupe. The Cookies & Cream Golden Biscuits are part of Asda’s […]
Asda UK now offers vegan chocolate orange buttons; one bag will set you back just £0.37. The dairy-free chocolate treats are part of Asda’s Free From line, made without dairy, eggs, and wheat. The citrusy chocolates aren’t the only vegan buttons the affordable grocery store carries. You can also find vegan white chocolate buttons and […]

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