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Los Angeles plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat has partnered exclusively with vegan fast-food chain Lord of the Fries (LOTF) to launch its Beyond Sausage in Australia. The launch of the sausage – which, according to Beyond Meat, looks, cooks, and sizzles just like a real pork sausage – follows on from the companies first successful […]
Award-winning Australian beverage brand Aqua Botanical has developed what may be the world’s first way to “grow water,” unlocking a sustainable and renewable source from everyday fruit and vegetables. “After many years of extensive research Aqua Botanical’s inventor, Dr. Bruce Kambouris found a way to harvest the naturally occurring water found in fruit and vegetables,” […]
Australia’s Burger King, Hungry Jack’s, has announced the launch of its first-ever vegan breakfast muffins. “Rise and shine, Vegans – we’ve got news for you,” the fast-food chain announced on Facebook today. “Make your morning with our NEW Vegan Muffins – a veggie patty with the classic vegan mayo & vegan cheese combo, or topped […]
The first of its kind interactive map details the exact locations of more than 5,000 factory farms and slaughterhouses across Australia. The animal rights group Aussie Farms launched the map along with more than 14,000 photos, videos, and documents that expose the mistreatment of animals. Chris Delforce, the organization’s executive director and the filmmaker behind […]
For many, Australia Day means cooking up a celebratory storm and serving up traditional lamb-based dishes. However, if you want the lamb taste without the actual animal, there are many cruelty-free, lamb-friendly recipes you could try. So, fire up the oven, put on an apron, and get creative in the kitchen with these seven tasty […]
Meat-heavy Australian fast-food chain Schnitz has launched a vegan chicken schnitzel roll in select locations. The restaurant announced the new addition to the menu last week: “Papa’s deliciously good-looking new vegan rolls. Not just for plant eaters.” The sandwich comes with onions, vegan cheese, lettuce, pickles, and eggless mayo. At the time of the announcement, the vegan chicken schnitzel […]
Australia’s leading supermarkets Coles and Woolworths are leading the way in vegan offerings. The chains are set to expand their vegan sets even further in 2019, says consumer review and comparison website Canstar Blue. “There’s great news for vegans to start the year, with supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles both revealing plans to expand their product […]
Hungry Jacks, aka Australia’s Burger King, has ditched the “100% beef” wrapping paper for its meatless burgers in favour of one labeled “Special Vegan.” Word of the new paper spread via the Facebook group Vegans in Australia, where a member found it at the Hungry Jacks in the Sydney suburb Seven Hills. The fast-food chain […]