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By now,  it’s likely that you’ve seen, or at least heard the latest “news” that’s making the rounds via social media: avocados, almond, and several fruits and vegetables are being called “not vegan.” The information circulated via a video of a segment from the BBC comedy quiz show, QI. In the video, it’s asked which […]
Scientists at Loma Linda University, a Southern California-based health sciences school, are seeking participants to eat avocados every single day – and get paid for it. Loma Linda University is looking for 250 people to help determine whether moderate consumption of avocados can aid weight loss. For the past two decades, the school has conducted dietary intervention studies […]
U.S. based paleo friendly brand, Primal Kitchen, has launched a new vegan ranch dressing made with avocado oil. Primal Kitchen already offers a vast array of avocado-based dressings and oils to its customers; however, this is the brands first vegan ranch dressing option. “This dressing is the first of its kind,” founder of Primal Kitchen, Mark […]
High street veggie-heaven Pret has announced three new vegan dishes that will be added to the menu as of January 4th. Pret had a very successful 2017 with meat-free options, the chain was able to open its third fully vegetarian location in London, and even reported that the eight top-selling products were all vegan. One […]
Writer, host, fashion designer and vegetarian Alexa Chung appeared on today’s episode of First We Feast’s ‘Hot Ones’. Hot Ones, which has been running for four seasons, features celebrity guests eating increasingly spicy chicken wings whilst answering questions about themselves and their careers. In Chung’s case, however, she was using vegan nuggets as the vessel […]
Can’t seem to get enough avocado or chocolate in your life? Then the UK-based chocolate company Love Cocoa may be your dream come true. The chocolatier has recently launched a vegan chocolate bar featuring avocado. Love Cocoa is the brainchild of James Cadbury – yes, that Cadbury family (he’s the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder) – […]

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