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Sir Richard Branson’s international airline Virgin Atlantic, with flights from the UK, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, has been removing ingredients deemed unsustainable such as beef, unsustainable palm oil, and soy from in-flight menus. The initiative is part of the company’s ongoing partnership with the non-profit organization the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). […]
The UN Environment is urging people to reduce their consumption of meat products to save water. As part of its #SolveDifferent campaign, the international organization has used its various social media platforms to share infographics on the amount of water it takes to make a single beef burger. It notes that to produce a hamburger […]
The number of cattle and sheep in the UK should be reduced by 20 to 50 percent to help save the environment, according to a new report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). According to the government scientists, out of all the factory-farmed animals in the UK, cows and sheep are responsible for the […]
Bill Gates is known for supporting sustainable alternatives to traditional animal products. In a recent Twitter post, the vegan meat investor highlighted the importance of stepping away from animal agriculture, stating that the beef and dairy industries would rank third in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if all of the cattle in the world were a to start a country. “If […]
Last week, two companies were honored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for their work in creating plant-based meats that rival conventional meat. According to UNEP, these companies — Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods — are evolving the food system by removing the need for animal agriculture, which has a significant detrimental impact on […]
A new report has compared the environmental impact of a vegan meat burger versus a beef patty. The life-cycle analysis report was released by Beyond Meat, the company behind the “bleeding” Beyond Burger, that replicates the taste, texture, and appearance of meat yet is entirely plant-based. Researchers from the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable […]
In a recent interview with Forbes, Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown revealed that the company’s popular vegan Beyond Burger outsold beef at a major southern California supermarket for the five-week period ending April 17th. “So we’re selling more than Angus beef, more than 80/20 beef, more than grass-fed beef, by unit,” he told […]