The 27-year-old founder of a vegan, bee-friendly beer brand has his sights set on a UK-wide expansion. Jason Winter, a native of Holland on the Sea, is the founder of Bumble Beer, which makes a vegan pilsner-style lager. He first came up with the concept whilst reading about the insects’ declining population in university. “Originally I wanted to […]
Vegan edibles featuring CBD or cannabis are helping to save starving bees, according to research out of Colorado, the nation’s leader in hemp production. The data indicate that hemp fields may be vital to bee health during times of pollen scarcity. According to Science News, industrial hemp plants are increasingly accessible to bees as states develop programs for […]
Argentinian and United States-based biotechnology startup, BeeFlow, believes that it has developed a solution to preventing loss of bee populations. Pollinators like honeybees play a vital role in global crop production, including in the United States. According to a fact sheet released by the US Office of the Press Secretary, pollinators enable at least 90 percent […]
Researchers from European universities have discovered that pesticides used for corn crops, that have adverse effects on pollinators such as bees, are unnecessary in many cases. The study, published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research, stated that only 1 percent of corn acres are lost due to ‘pests’. Poor drainage and high organic content can […]
  Weighing in on the big issues that ooze with controversy; is honey vegan or not? The word ‘vegan’ was first spread in 1944 by Donald Watson who said, ‘Veganism is a way of living which excludes all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, the animal kingdom, and includes a reverence for life. It applies to the […]