Danish vegan meat brand Naturli’ Foods is secretly trialing its products with an unnamed retailer in the United States. The company recently announced the UK launch of its vegan mince and burgers with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, and in Australia, its mince is now available from leading chain Woolworths. “We are in a trial phase, and [we have] […]
Amid a mounting demand for vegan and plant-based foods, the supermarket meat aisle is seeing more meat-free foods lining the shelves. Media publication The Wall Street Journal recently discussed the debate between traditional and modern protein. “High-tech upstarts say the proposed labeling rules [that would prohibit plant-based foods from being labeled as ‘meat’ or ‘milk’] […]
The vegan Beyond Burger is now available in over 10,000 food service outlets worldwide, Food Navigator reports. Beyond Meat’s recent deal with A&W, Canada’s fastest-growing burger chain with more than 925 restaurants across the nation, played a role in pushing the Beyond Burger to its new milestone. The move is part of the Southern California-based vegan meat […]
Beyond Meat‘s popular vegan Beyond Burger will be launching at nearly 1,000 A&W Canadian locations on July 9th. The fast-food restaurant chain is known for its root beer floats and beef-based burgers. Although Beyond Meat has partnered with several other national chains in the US, this is the company’s first foray into the Great White North. […]
Kiwis, rejoice! The groundbreaking “bleeding” vegan burger patties by Beyond Meat are now available nationwide. Beyond Meat took the plant-based world by storm when it launched the world’s first plant-based burger that cooks, sizzles, smells, tastes, and even “bleeds” as conventional meat would, due to the beetroot juice coloring. The protein-packed dish, named the Beyond […]
Tesco supermarkets across the UK are expected to begin stocking the popular U.S. based “bleeding” vegan Beyond Burger from Southern California’s Beyond Meat this August, the Guardian reports. Beyond Meat recently announced its global distribution plans, which now includes at least one distributor in the UK and one in Germany, making the EU a targeted […]
While the UK debut of U.S.-based Beyond Meat’s popular vegan Beyond Burger, that looks, cooks, and tastes like beef, is still at least several months out, UK supermarket Sainsbury’s is getting ready to launch another vegan meaty burger set to rival traditional meat sales. This one comes from Danish manufacturer Naturli’ Foods. The Naturli’ Foods’ burgers and […]