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Lawmakers Aim to Ban Processed Meat From All NYC Public Schools

Pork Publication Admits Fear Over LA’s Vegan School Lunch Program

Farm Journal’s ‘PORK' industry magazine recently published an article about LA’s vegan school program, urging that the meat industry “does need to watch - and take a proactive stand against” these actions. The program sees...
Tyson Foods VP Wants to ‘Disrupt’ the Meat Industry With ‘Clean Meat'

CEO of Tyson Meat Packers is Excited for the Future of Vegan Protein

Tyson Foods is “an international leader in the food industry, especially chicken, beef and pork”. This meat company is not only a leading supplier of McDonalds, but has previously been blamed for the largest ever ocean...
Good Food Institute Responds to Beef Industry Petition Against Clean Meat Labeling

3 Ways Vegans are Revolutionizing the Future of Big Meat

You have a product that looks, feels and tastes like meat, because it is- 100% meat. It can be cooked and prepared like meat. The best, and strangest, part? No animals were harmed in the...