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New ‘Doctor Who’ Season Wages War on Plastic Waste

New ‘Doctor Who’ Season Wages War on Plastic Waste

The next series of popular BBC sci-fi show "Doctor Who" is set to feature environmental themes. Alongside classic alien villains, the Doctor will battle one of the ocean's biggest threats: plastic pollution. The show often...
BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ Is Back and It’ll Make You Want to Save the Oceans

‘Blue Planet’ Is Back With Vegan Host Chris Packham

British TV series "Blue Planet" is returning to television screens across the nation, this time, joined by vegan naturalist, presenter Chris Packham. Called "Blue Planet Live," the series - which educates viewers on marine life...

BBC’s Blue Planet 2 Illustrates The Desperate Need to Rethink Our Eating Habits

13 million people tuned into the BBC’s groundbreaking new documentary series Blue Planet 2. Narrated by David Attenborough and taking 4 years to film and produce, the series gave a unique insight into underwater...