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Whole Foods is once again expanding its vegan options with three new hot breakfast items. Now in addition to the $2.00 coffee and vegan pastry deal (looking at you, maple donut), customers can order hot vegan egg breakfast sandwiches for a substantial start to every morning. The English muffin-style sandwiches are launching in 58 Whole […]
Raise your hand if you have at least 20 minutes in the morning to make breakfast. Anyone? One person? Lucky you. For the rest of us dashing out the door with a coffee in one hand and a banana in the other, dedicating time to preparing a meal is out of the question. On most […]
Most of the time when people find out I’m vegan the first thing they do is list off all the items they just couldn’t live without. So part of what I love to do with Vegan Guide to the Galaxy is changing people’s mindsets about how restrictive veganism is and show people that whatever they […]
Waking up in the morning with a sub-par appetite but knowing you need some fuel for the day can be challenging. When you feel a smoothie won’t cut it, and oatmeal is too blah, it’s the power of superfoods and fresh antioxidants that will wake you up and get your gears churning for a busy […]
Eggs Benedict is a dish enjoyed the world over, all year round. Traditionally, an ole’ Eggs Benny, as it is colloquially dubbed, will consist of poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, served with a side of bacon or ham over English muffins or toast. However, similar to most other animal-product-heavy dishes – there’s a vegan version. Enjoy […]
In this busy world we live in, having breakfast-on-the-go has become a necessity. While there are plenty of granola bars, plant-based protein shakes, and fruit (nature’s perfect to-go food), nothing quite beats classic comforts like a breakfast sandwich. The good news is, it’s easy to throw together a breakfast sandwich at home using all plant-based […]
The Modern Vegan restaurant has just opened in Las Vegas, Eater reports. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and features a 100-strong item menu of entirely plant-based dishes. The Modern Vegan is the first vegan restaurant to open in Las Vegas in 2018. The eatery held its grand opening on March 15. Already, the […]