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A brand new vegan mezze and cocktail bar, Koocha, has opened in Redland, Bristol on Zetland Road. Founder, Noda Marvani, opened the restaurant after she inherited it from her father, the business has been in the family for 12 years. Marvani’s heritage is Persian and she decided to open Koocha because she struggled to find […]
A Bristol-based entrepreneur is launching a new vegan grooming range, Kings. Twenty percent of the profits from the new range will be donated to men’s mental health charities. Founder, Blue O’Connor, has always struggled with mental health problems; however, in his mid-twenties, his anxiety began to worsen, and he started to suffer from panic attacks. […]
Collection & Co, founded in 2016, is adding to our Christmas lists with their 2017 winter collection of faux leather and non-animal glue vegan shoes and bags! Making fashion sustainable is key to this company, and founder Felecia Papa has said: “[w]e aim to pave the way for a truly sustainable future by implementing less […]
Bristol. Home of iconic artists, hot air balloons and many a dodgy nightclub, this freethinking (yet somehow quintessentially) British city is known for many things and certainly isn’t one to be outdone on its food selection. Here’s a run-down of 5 uniquely-Bristol restaurants perfect for days when you just wanna veg-out. Vegging Out South West Style | […]