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The amount of plastic in seas surrounding the UK has declined, a new study revealed. Researchers believe the drop was caused by the previously implemented plastic bag tax, the Guardian reported. The study, published in the Science of the Total Environment, is said to be the first of its kind. Researchers analysed data from 39 […]
New data revealed the number of vegans in the UK now exceeds three-and-a-half million, or 7% of the population. These figures indicate that veganism has seen a 700% growth in just two years. Recent research by uncovered how many people living in the UK identify as vegan, finding that the number has jumped dramatically […]
According to new data by British research company Starcom, 41 percent of British people will be eating lab-grown meat and fish within the next decade. Lab-grown meat, also known as “clean meat” or “cultured meat” is made by extracting stem cells from an animal that is grown into meat. This method of meat production eliminates the […]
In a huge step towards helping to protect the planet’s marine life, the Queen of England has banned the use of all plastic straws and bottles from royal estates. “Across the organization, the Royal Household is committed to reducing its environmental impact. As part of that, we have taken a number of practical steps to cut […]
Veganism is reaching an all-time high. From 2006 to 2016, the number of those following a vegan lifestyle increased from 150,000 to 542,000 in the UK alone, the BBC reports. This year’s Veganuary- whereby people pledge to try veganism for the month of January- is said to be a contributing factor toward the increase of people […]
A favourite among the hungover and early morning Saturday shoppers alike, Greggs is a beacon of hope for hungry bellies across the UK. For vegans, however, instead of being met with hot, flaky pastry, only disappointment awaits them through the doors to Greggs. PETA is asking for the eatery to change this, by petitioning for […]
A petition intended to convince the ‘big six’ supermarkets to introduce a wide range of vegan options to their meal deals has been publicly backed by a UK MP. Labour MP, Matt Rodda, is currently the representative for Reading East. According to Reading Chronicle, Rodda said: ‘I think it is important that people have a […]
Popular British TV programme, Sunday Brunch, is an opportunity for viewers to drool over some of Britain’s tastiest food creations while they’re hungover on Sunday mornings. But today’s episode (19th November) had the exciting addition of vegan junk food! Food expert, Rebecca Seal, guided hosts, Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, through their opportunity to sample […]