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Brussels Is Officially Home to ‘World’s Best’ Vegan Restaurant

Brussels Is Officially Home to ‘World’s Best’ Vegan Restaurant

Brussels-based restaurant humus x hortense was named the world's best vegan restaurant out of 800 other establishments. Located in Ixelles’ Flagey neighborhood, humus x hortense marries vegan fine dining with fresh, seasonal produce that "resonates...
Belgium's Traffic Lights Want You to Stop Eating Meat

Traffic Lights in Brussels Want You to Go Vegan

Updated April 22, 2019. Traffic lights in Brussels are doing more than just controlling the flow of cars in the EU capital city. Similar to the popular "eating animals" stickers that have been appearing on...

Brussels Parliament Recognises Animals As Sentient Beings

In a historic vote, the Brussels Parliament has unanimously backed a draft ordinance which recognises animals as sentient beings. Bianca Debaets, the State Secretary responsible for animal welfare, suggested the vote could revolutionise the treatment...