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7 Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Recipes for Your Super Bowl Feast

Perfect for parties and gatherings (or even just a solo dinner) wings are loved by people of all ages and all backgrounds. But they don't have to be made from chicken. Vegan buffalo cauliflower...
These Vegan Wings Are Made With Cauliflower

Make These Vegan Buffalo Wings Out of Cauliflower

Who knew you can make Buffalo wings out of cauliflower? At first, I didn’t think it was even possible but when I tried them for myself, the flavor of the Buffalo wing sauce made...
These Wingz

Traveling Vegan Catering Company These Wingz Adds Heat to Plant-Based Meat

Chicken wings are more than just food. They are iconic of a modern social experience. Wings are communal celebration foods, especially in the sporting community. Of course, traditional chicken wings have ethical and health...