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Australia’s popular tourist hotspot, the Gold Coast, is now home to the country’s first-ever vegan mall. The LC – short for Lovechild Market Place — is located on a 1000-square metre premises in Miami, Queensland, and is dedicated solely to plant-based and cruelty-free businesses. Visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars, and retail services […]
A new vegan cafe, restaurant, and bar is opening in Norwich, England, later this month. And it’s going to be big. Or at least, tall. The spot, named Erpingham House, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Loui Blake, and will be housed on three floors: “a deli/cafe serving breakfast, teas, coffees, superfood juices, and lunches, as well […]
A new video released by TechCrunch features the CEO of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown, discussing the potential of the vegan Beyond Meat sausage.  “There are 7.3 billion people in this world and that number is projected to jump to 9.7 billion by 2050,” noted TechCrunch. “How are we going to feed all these people? That’s a question a […]
Vegan chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur Chloe Coscarelli has partnered with Peapod, the United States’ leading online grocer, to release an exclusive vegan meal kit to make cooking plant-based at home easier for customers. “My goal has always been to make vegan cooking easier and more enjoyable for at-home chefs,” said Chef Chloe in a press release.“Vegan doesn’t have to […]
United Kingdom-based startup Human Food is on a mission to make it easier for consumers to reach their recommended intake (RI) of vitamins and minerals through the use of its unique vegan nutrition bars. According to NutraIngredients, the concept for Human Food emerged four years ago after founder Ky Wright switched to a plant-based diet and realized that […]
New San Franciso-based startup, Terramino Foods, has developed a plant-based salmon burger that mimics the taste, texture, and smell of real salmon. Reported by Fast Company, Terramino Foods was co-founded by Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon, who met as students at the University of California-Berkeley (UC Berkeley). There, they attended an undergraduate class called Plant-Based Seafood […]
Hi, friends of LK! Today is LIVEKINDLY’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s been a year…I’m overcome with joy, gratitude, and a wee bit of exhaustion! This time last year I was teaching myself basic publishing, hoping to create a small sanctuary of positivity on the Internet for anyone curious and passionate about the benefits […]

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