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A new vegan company, Funky Fields, has launched its debut product in stores across Australia. Funky Fields, whose slogan reads “there is no planet B,” is offering options to meet the growing demand for vegan, organic and ethically-made food. Its premier product to hit the market is called Organic Spreadable – a plant-based butter spread. […]
Artisan vegan food company, Field Roast, is launching two “New Family Classics”: Chao Mayo and Chao Buttery Spread. Field Roast describes the Chao Mayo as “[s]mooth and balanced vegan mayo. with our signature Chao cultured tofu and expeller-pressed safflower oil.” The Chao Buttery Spread is “[p]remium quality, vegan buttery spread with a touch of sweet coconut […]
Earth Balance, best known for its vegan buttery spreads, is set to launch three new trail-mix-inspired additions to its nut butter range: Coffee Chocolate Crunch, Cran Seed Crunch, and Choco Pretzel Crunch. Vegan media publication, VegNews, shared snaps of the soon-to-be-released flavors which have been on display at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. Earth Balance […]
So ‘go vegan’ is your New Year’s resolution, but you just don’t know how to get going? Well, the beginning is a very good place to start and, as I’m sure Julie Andrews would agree, every great journey in life commences with opening the door to the fridge. Here’s a handy guide to address those […]
The Natural Resources Defense Council recently released data on foods with the biggest impact on climate change. Beef, lamb, butter, shellfish, and cheese top the list of offenders, contributing significant greenhouse gases per each kilogram of food: beef 26.5 kg, lamb 22.9 kg, butter 11.9 kg, shellfish 11.7 kg, and cheese 9.8 kg. But fortunately, […]

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