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Six-time cancer-surviving scientist Professor Jane Plant doesn’t eat dairy – and she claims that it’s her diet that helped her put her breast cancer into remission twice. Professor Plant — a geochemist who specializes in environmental carcinogens — first fought breast cancer in 1987, the Telegraph reports. In 1993, her cancer returned for the fifth […]
Doctors from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), an organization made up of more than 12,000 medical professionals, protested against McDonald’s Bacon Hour. During the promotion, customers received free bacon with any order. The demonstration saw to doctors holding red-and-yellow signs reading “#BreakUpWithBacon,” “Colorectal Cancer: I’m Riskin’ It,” and “Bacon Causes Butt Cancer” outside […]
Two Northern Irish academics, along with a top NHS doctor, are demanding that Parliament do more to raise awareness about the cancer risks associated with eating processed meat. In a joint statement, they urged for the government to acknowledge and highlight the dangers of consuming meats – like bacon, salami, and ham – in a […]
Christopher Wild, the outgoing director for the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has spoken in defense of research that links the consumption of processed meats like bacon to cancer. The Guardian reports that the original research, which was released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in October 2015, caused an outcry when […]
Introducing a meat tax could save thousands of lives a year, says a new study. Based on evidence that links meat consumption – particularly processed and red varieties – with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke, researchers believe that by increasing the price of meat, almost 6,000 UK deaths a year could be prevented. Globally, introducing […]
Soaps are known for handling delicate topics, and in many instances, are praised for raising awareness of issues such as drug addiction, knife crime, homophobia, and many more contemporary social justice and health-related issues. Currently, on ITV’s “Coronation Street” – the longest-running soap opera in the UK – pregnant Sinead Tinker, played by actress Katie McGlynn, is […]

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