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BMW released official prototype images of its upcoming luxury electric SUV and according to the company, the interior is completely vegan. The German car manufacturer first unveiled the concept for its electric SUV – called the iNEXT – last September at the LA Auto Show. Images of the cabin prototype show a combination of open-pore […]
It has long been accepted that the gas guzzling cars we drive have a negative impact on the environment. But what is not so commonly understood is that animal agriculture has an effect that is equally as bad, if not worse, than cars and the oil we pump into them. A study from multiple organizations […]
The Tesla obsession is real, and the company’s latest announcement has given the world even more reason to covet these cool electric cars. During the company’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk revealed that the team is actively working on veganizing its interiors, and assured the attendees that the upcoming Model Y will be leather […]
The future of car interiors is vegan, according to Bentley’s design director Stefan Sielaff. In an interview with American luxury lifestyle magazine, Robb Report, Sielaff was asked if he envisioned a new direction for the types of materials used in Bentley’s cars. The answer from the design director was a clear yes. People are shifting […]
Blended, or “hybrid”, products have been driven beyond the roads and straight into supermarket aisles: hybrid meat is now a thing. Hybrid products contain animal protein, but also a combination of grains and vegetables, with the intention that these added ingredients will enhance succulence while having the benefit of less fat, cholesterol, and calories. Not only are […]

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