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Could kosher bacon soon be a possibility? In the new age of clean meat, Rabbi Gavriel Price of the Orthodox Union (OU), the organization responsible for the “Ⓤ” kosher certification on food, is considering the question. The New York Times reports that Rabbi Price was given the task of determining whether or not cell-based meat, […]
Lab-grown meat startup New Age Meats“made history” on Monday by providing a private tasting of its slaughter-free pork sausages, Business Insider reports. Like the real thing, the prototype clean pork sausage is comprised of cell-based pork muscle, fat, sausage casing, and spices. The occasion, which welcomed a select few journalists and potential investors to a San Francisco […]
Factory farming began in America a century ago, when rural farmers struggled to supply enough food for an increasingly urbanized population. With a nationwide meat boycott in 1910 and the strain of World War I, growing the food supply by any means necessary was set as a national priority. Today, over 99% of US farmed […]
The FDA says it will start the process of regulating clean meat products made through cellular agriculture. Often called lab-grown meat or cultured meat, the meat is produced from animal tissue that’s grown from a few cells instead of the need for raising and slaughtering entire animals. What is Clean Meat? The technology, which has […]
Leading U.S. meat, pork, and chicken producer, Tyson Foods, has invested $2.2 million in the Israeli clean meat startup Future Meat Technologies (FMT) via its Tyson Ventures venture capital arm. “This is our first investment in an Israel-based company and we’re excited about this opportunity to broaden our exposure to innovative, new ways of producing […]
New Zealand’s economy, built on billions of dollars of agricultural exports, may soon experience a drastic change. Food futurist Dr. Rosie Bosworth believes the country’s current agricultural commodities will not be able to compete with lab-grown animal products when they launch into the mainstream marketplace. Modern technology now allows for stems cells to be extracted from an […]

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