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You can call him Jeff, or Mr. Goldblum, but if you’re eating vegan hot wings with actor Jeff Goldblum, you should probably call him “Daddy.” That’s according to a recent episode of the popular web series “Hot Ones,” where celebrity guests are interviewed while eating spicy, and in Goldblum’s case, vegan hot wings. Goldblum appeared […]
Chicken wings are more than just food. They are iconic of a modern social experience. Wings are communal celebration foods, especially in the sporting community. Of course, traditional chicken wings have ethical and health implications, which can ruin any social gathering. These Wingz, an up-and-coming family-owned business based in Chicago, is making it possible for […]
Entrepreneur Barrington Reeves started from the bottom now he’s here, opening a Drake-themed pop-up bar in Finnieston, Scotland. Everyone’s true dream realised. If you’re vegan, love Drake and happen to be in Scotland for their launch next weekend (official dates 30th November to 3rd December), then you’re in luck. The bar will be serving up […]

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