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You can now buy an “Unreal” range of vegan chicken products at Australian supermarket chain Woolworths. Chick’n Burgers, Schnitzel, Fried Chick’n Pieces, and Nuggets are among the new offerings included in the range, called “Unreal Co.” Woolworths says about the latter on its website, “[The] Chicken Nuggets are bite-sized bombs of healthy and hearty plant-based […]
Updated April 14, 2019. Brits love vegan chicken. They love vegan chicken so much that KFC — the biggest fried chicken chain in the world — recently revealed it would be launching a vegan option this year in the UK in order to cater to demand. In the supermarkets, there are already a number of […]
Vegan pork and chicken products could be next on the agenda for plant-based meat company Impossible Foods. Up until now, the brand has focused most of its attention on developing and marketing its “bleeding” vegan meat patties. Its efforts have been successful; the Impossible Burger is available on restaurant menus across the U.S., as well […]
If you’re struggling to find vegan meat that tastes just like chicken – quite an uncommon problem nowadays considering the amount of nugget and wing alternatives available – you might want to consider laetiporus sulphureus. No, it’s not a disease, it’s a bright orange edible mushroom and, according to some, it tastes just like chicken. […]
Major U.S.-based chicken producer Pilgrim’s Pride is looking into the potential development of vegan protein products. According to Zacks, an investment research company, the brand has witnessed a decline of 8.5 percent in shares over the last three months. To enhance its growth, the company intends to launch more fresh products, gluten-free products, and vegan […]