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Popular artisanal chocolate brand Montezuma’s has announced its new Easter chocolate range. The line is set to include two vegan options. Helen Pattison, the co-founder of the chocolate brand, told The Grocer that the line will feature “a collection of new products together with some of our popular favourites”. The Absolute Black: 100% Cocoa Button Egg […]
A retro-inspired vegan chocolate and sweets shop is opening in Glasgow later this year, replete with a retro Willy Wonka vibe. The brainchild of chocolatier Adele Ralston, best known as Vegan Burd, and also known as the Scottish city’s ‘Vegan Willy Wonka,’ the chocolate and sweets shop is currently in the fundraising phase to help […]
Vegan food is a hot trend right now, and chocolate is no exception. A new market research report has shown the vegan chocolate market is set for a sweet future. The report showed people, especially Millennials, are doing a bulk of their purchasing online, a large factor in the expected vegan chocolate market segment growth. With […]
So, you’re sitting in the office, at home reading a book, scrolling through social media, whatever you’re doing – and it hits you — like a monster truck. If you don’t get creamy, dairy-rich milk chocolate to eat right away, someone’s going to get hurt. Sound familiar? Here’s a run-down of why you get cravings […]
Due to the rise in vegan and health-conscious consumers – the world’s largest chocolatiers are seeking new and innovative ways to lure sweet-toothed customers with alternative dietary preferences to their products. Global brands such as Nestlé (the company behind KitKats), Mondelez (“rooted in the National Dairy Corporations Program”) and Mars are revamping their images and their […]
It looks like instead of cookies, Santa will be getting pints and pints of vegan ice cream this year as another conventional ice cream maker says it’s adding vegan options to its offerings. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is the latest to toss its scoop into the nondairy ice cream tub. Ben & Jerry’s and Halo […]
While accidentally vegan dark chocolate can be found almost anywhere, most white chocolates are laden with dairy products. So, to reign in National White Chocolate Day on this 22nd of September, we’re celebrating with a sweet white feast and invite you to join us by making these vegan recipes or purchasing a life-changing ready-made block of […]