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Grammy award-winning rapper T-Pain sampled vegan eggs and lab meat on his FUSE TV show, “T-Pain’s School of Business.” The star visited the HQ of plant-based food company JUST last June to sample its signature Just Egg scramble, lab-grown chicken nuggets, and even some mung bean-based ice cream. During the show — which aired its […]
A pet nutrition startup is aiming to launch a line of clean meat for cats made from cultured mouse cells. US-based startup Because Animals is working on clean meat mouse meat cat treats, based on a cat’s natural prey, according to the company. “This meat is packed with the same protein that a cat in […]
Thanks to LEGO, food technology companies from around the world may bring mass-produced cell-based meat products to market in the near future. Lab-grown meat products are in their early stages at the moment, but huge strides are being taken by scientists every day. The Institute of Chemical Technology in India even believes that clean meat […]
The clean meat industry is revving its engine, preparing to launch various slaughter-free meats to market. Companies in the US, Israel, and Japan are working hard to make cruelty-free meat available to the masses, and now, a small town in the UK wants a piece of the lab-grown pie (so to speak). At the University […]
Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin, shared a viable solution to saving the planet and the lives of millions of animals in a blog post. In the blog post from last year, Branson wrote, “I believe we will look back and be shocked at what was the accepted way we killed animals en masse […]
Richard Branson’s Virgin website wants you to think about the future of meat. In a recent interview on the site, Virgin catches up with Bay Area food tech brand Memphis Meats. The company is one of a growing number of brands developing meat from cellular cultures, eliminating the need for whole animals and their eventual […]

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