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Nearly 50 percent of coffee drinkers in the UK ask for vegan milk when ordering in a cafe, according to a new survey. According to Alpro — the international dairy-free milk company that conducted the survey — 48 percent of coffee drinkers ask for dairy-free varieties of milk, including coconut, soy, and almond, when they’re […]
New vegan cold brew drinks are on the way to the United States. Chameleon Cold-Brew just launched bottled cold brew drinks made with organic oat milk. Based in Austin, Texas, Chameleon Cold-Brew was the first fair trade and organic cold brew company in the U.S. Until recently, all of Chameleon Cold-Brew’s products were vegan; the […]
Starbucks Portugal has increased its vegan food options, adding vegan cakes and plant-based sandwiches to its menu, Distribuição Hoje reports. Mini vegan chocolate cakes with raspberry filling, decorated with dried fruit, are now on offer. The sweet treats are available in other countries, like in the UK, but are a first for Portuguese locations of the largest […]
The world’s largest coffee chain teamed up with delivery service Uber Eats to bring all of your favorite vegan Starbucks goodies to your front door. Called Starbucks Delivers, the initiative was trialed in Miami last year, resulting in positive feedback from users and repeated business. Still in its pilot stage, the delivery service will roll […]
Asda supermarket stores in the UK are now offering Starbucks iced almond coffee, according to an Instagram post from the Accidentally Vegan UK page. The product is listed on the Asda website as an exclusive to the supermarket chain. Starbucks Goes Vegan Coffee giant Starbucks has been steadily increasing its vegan options after Rosalind Brewer, […]
Starbucks has once again upped its plant-based options, introducing a dairy-free cereal latte. The largest coffee chain in the world is getting inventive with its latest release, launching a latte that tastes like cereal. The coffee, which is topped with crispy bits, is blended with a cereal powder made from oat, barley, and wheat – […]