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British cruelty-free cosmetics company Barry M has launched new primer drops and they’re suitable for both vegans and unicorns. The new Unicorn Primer Drops are “packed with superfruits,” including goji and acai berries, watermelon, and tamarind, and according to the brand, they leave your skin smooth, hydrated, brightened, and protected. At £7.99, the product is a more affordable […]
Texas is the land of big skies and big controversy. Controversies first: There’s the state’s notoriously crippling conservative agenda and the anti-abortion stance so severe that the state has seen a 29 percent decrease in women’s health clinics since 2011. There’s the state’s love of loose gun laws and a widespread fear and loathing of left-leaning […]
Health food supermarket chain Holland & Barrett has announced plans to open its first fully vegan stores. The chain also hopes to stock 500 more vegan food products by the end of the year, in line with the increasing popularity of plant-based products. Peter Aldis, Holland & Barrett’s chief executive, told The Guardian that the company wants to make […]
Cruelty-free cosmetics brand Mecca Max is now vegan. The brand made the decision after receiving an overwhelming number of requests from customers, according to the site Pedestrian. Last year, It made a similar move when it banned animal product testing. “We knew that animal-friendly products were important to our customers,” Brand Manager, Ellie Hockley, told Pedestrian. “[I]t […]
The UK’s 2017 Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals shows that the number of dogs tested on in laboratory experiments has decreased by 22 percent since 2016. The number of animals used for experimentation is now at its lowest since 2010, and a breakthrough in the testing method known as “in vitro” may soon replace […]
Vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand e.l.f. Cosmetics has teamed up with five beauty bloggers and influencers to support animal rights organizations for the month of July. Influencers Tashina Combs, Jasmine Rose, Haley Wight, Jkissa, and Weylie have each chosen one organization close to their heart, plus one of their favorite e.l.f. products. E.l.f. has pledged to […]
The popular luxury British clothing and accessory company Belstaff has joined a growing number of brands and designers ditching fur. According to Menswear Style, Belstaff’s recently appointed CEO Helen Wright is responsible for the company’s shift after learning from the animal rights organization PETA how coyotes, among other animals, are brutally skinned for their fur. The […]
OSEA Malibu, a skincare brand loved by many for its adherence to a vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and all-natural ingredient policy, has opened its first store. As of this month, OSEA Skincare Studio is open for business. The brick-and-mortar location, located in Venice, is the company’s first shift away from its previously exclusively stocking at external retailers. […]