Cultured meat—also called lab-grown, cell-based, and clean meat—could be available as soon as 2021. But what is lab meat? And is lab meat vegan?
The clean meat industry is revving its engine, preparing to launch various slaughter-free meats to market. Companies in the US, Israel, and Japan are working hard to make cruelty-free meat available to the masses, and now, a small town in the UK wants a piece of the lab-grown pie (so to speak). At the University […]
Researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway are compiling the world’s first biobank of animal cells to help develop lab-grown meat, real meat grown with animal cells, and save endangered species. Gareth Sullivan, vice director of the Hybrid Technology Hub at the University of Oslo, is using technology to create stem cells from endangered […]
The way that consumers choose their food is evolving – now, more than ever, shoppers are choosing plant-based in the grocery store – and venture capital (VC) funds are taking notice. Last year, total plant-based food sales surpassed $3.7 billion, according to data from the Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization that promotes vegan meat, […]
Lab-grown meat startup New Age Meats“made history” on Monday by providing a private tasting of its slaughter-free pork sausages, Business Insider reports. Like the real thing, the prototype clean pork sausage is comprised of cell-based pork muscle, fat, sausage casing, and spices. The occasion, which welcomed a select few journalists and potential investors to a San Francisco […]
The FDA says it will start the process of regulating clean meat products made through cellular agriculture. Often called lab-grown meat or cultured meat, the meat is produced from animal tissue that’s grown from a few cells instead of the need for raising and slaughtering entire animals. What is Clean Meat? The technology, which has […]