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A growing number of Germans believe that cow’s milk is too unhealthy to drink, according to new research from the German Society for Consumer Research. Does Milk Do a Body Good? The study, commissioned by Swedish vegan milk brand Oatly, revealed that 32 percent of Germans think dairy doesn’t have any positive effects on health, […]
As the popularity of plant-based nutrition has grown, one vertical that has been leading the charge is dairy-free milk. And leading the helm is almond milk. Between 2010 and 2015, the market for almond milk surged by 250%. Research in 2017 from Mintel shows an increase of non-dairy milk sales by 61 percent since 2012 and […]
You can now get your coffee with dairy-free oat milk and a vegan buttered roll at IKEA. The two dairy-free options, made by Danish plant-based food brand Naturli’ Foods, are now available in IKEA stores across Denmark. The vegan butter is made from a blend of organic almonds, shea, coconut, and rapeseed oil, and is […]
In case you didn’t know, you can get vegan sour cream and dairy-free cheese at Zambrero. Australian vegan food company Dairy-Free Down Under recently announced it would expand its range with “new, highly requested products.” It also revealed that it would be partnering with “some incredible new customers that will soon make a lot of people very […]

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