Over the past few years, the vegan milk market has exploded with a wide variety of dairy-free beverages ranging from classic almond milk and coconut milk to the tropical-tasting banana milk. Earlier this year, a report released by Renub Research revealed that the global dairy alternatives market is set to exceed $34 billion by 2024, driven by a growing consumer […]
Sales of plant-based milk are on the rise while dairy is in decline, according to figures from Dairy Australia, an industry-owned national services body for dairy farmers. As reported by The Weekly Times, overall sales of plant-based milk in Australia have been driven by alternatives like coconut milk and almond milk. Sales of coconut rose […]
Veganuary — a month-long challenge for non-vegans to eat vegan — is nearing its end. And the dairy industry seems to want in on the cleverly named campaign trend. It has launched a pro-dairy milk campaign called “Februdairy.” While the campaign intended to bolster confidence in and support of the dairy market (and counteract Veganuary), it […]