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Popular Indoor Playgrounds Now Serve Vegan Nuggets and Burgers

Childrens’ Soft Play Centres Launch Vegan Chicken Nuggets and Burgers

Children's indoor playgrounds across Scotland will serve vegan chicken nuggets and burgers thanks to a new partnership between Daring Foods and Wonder World Soft Play. “Adopting a plant-based diet is the best thing a young...
‘Kim Kardashi-hen’ Mascot Helps Daring Foods to Sell $9 Million of Vegan Meat

‘Kim Kardashi-hen’ Set to Sell $9 Million Worth of Vegan Meat

New plant-based meat brand Daring Foods is aiming to sell £7 million ($9 million) worth of its vegan products in 2019. For such a "daring" goal, the team needs assistance. The company enlisted the help...