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13 million people tuned into the BBC’s groundbreaking new documentary series Blue Planet 2. Narrated by David Attenborough and taking 4 years to film and produce, the series gave a unique insight into underwater ecosystems. Viewers learned about fish that use tools, fish that jump out of the ocean to eat flying birds and vibrantly […]
In an interview with the Radio Times, David Attenborough has said that he has stopped eating meat. Despite his career revolving around animals and the natural world, Attenborough has previously stated that he is not an animal lover. ‘Animal lover means sentiment; a cloying, anthropomorphising sentiment,’ said Attenborough. ‘I don’t love earth worms or spiders. […]
Sir David Attenborough: environmental and wildlife broadcast legend, British hero, and… denier of the single biggest threat to wildlife and the planet? Or, just oblivious? This week, Attenborough told the Guardian newspaper that he is more than encouraged about the future health of the Earth than he has been for some time. And why? Because of a “worldwide shift” in […]