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Peru has committed to ending palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021. The National Wildlife Federation named the move a “momentous win” for wildlife and sustainable agriculture. If Peru carries out its commitment, it will be the second South American country after Colombia to pledge to produce palm oil without deforestation. Peru’s promise was made possible by […]
(Updated July 14, 2020) | The banning of Iceland’s animated anti-palm oil ad from television apparently did only good for the affordable supermarket’s publicity. Kantar Millward Brown is an advertising agency that researches the effectiveness of holiday ads. It found that the “Rang-Tan” commercial resonated with consumers more than glitzy adverts did. The one-minute, 32-second […]
China’s giant panda population has significantly increased in the last 40 years, now reaching 1,864 total population. In the 1970s, there were only 1,114 giant pandas in the world, says the State Forestry and Grassland Administration. In 2016, the species status leaped from “endangered” to “vulnerable,” and now the animal is even further away from […]

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