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Australian beef and dairy farmers are “facing a growing threat” from the rising vegan market, the Straits Times reports. An increasing number of consumers are “abandoning meat” to adopt vegan eating habits. In fact, more Aussies than ever are thought to be ditching meat and dairy, as roughly 2 million of the population follow plant-based […]
“Australia, we heard you”. After Dominos received an “incredible response” to a petition on vegan cheese, the massive chain store added vegan options to their Australian menus yesterday. The brand teased that the products will be permanently introduced if demand is high enough. Fortunately for pizza lovers, this may become a reality. According to a […]
This week, Starbucks released vegan oat milk in their stores due to consumer preference. Now, vegan milk company Oatly has been pushed to expand their manufacturing facilities due to their “growing demand”. The independent, plant-based business told LIVEKINDLY that even though the stock is arriving in the UK weekly, products are rapidly selling out. While many […]
International delivery service Just Eat has named veganism as a top consumer trend in 2018, due to users striving for “healthy lifestyles”. Just Eat currently boasts 20 million customers across the globe. The company’s popularity has certainly been recognized online; theirs is the only food delivery app that is rated five stars. Following recent research, Just […]
The number of Australian families opting for vegan Christmas meals has reached an “all-time high” this year, as a “record number” of consumers have chosen cruelty-free feasts, according to the Daily Mail. It has previously been reported that Australia has the third-fastest growing vegan population worldwide. Now, it has been revealed that the total number […]
The vegan meat industry continues to grow, estimated to reach $5 billion in worth. But it may not just be vegans driving the growth of meat alternatives. A recent report has identified “concerns about animal welfare” as a market driver for plant-based meats. This information follows separate research which revealed that 70% of Americans are […]
The global vegan cheese market is set to reach $3,906 million by 2024, according to a new report. Additionally, the market is expected to compound annually at a rate of 7.6% in coming years. Major factors behind this growth include an “increasing awareness of lactose intolerant conditions” and a “changing consumption pattern” around the world. […]
The global soy protein market is set to hit USD $5,888.4 million in the next 5 years, according to recent predictions. The report states that “high protein trend is gaining traction,” due to a growing preference for a healthy, nutritional diet and an “increasing inclination towards a vegan diet.” Food consumption patterns are changing, according to the report. […]

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