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Donuts are an amazing food; they can cheer you up when you’re feeling down and they are a go-to food for parties and celebrations. Loved by young children and old farts alike, donuts are delightful – and these vegan raspberry donuts are no exception! I talked about making donuts for near on a week before […]
Krumkaker – cone shaped, waffle-like cookies with a pretty pattern – are very classic and popular in Norwegian cuisine, particularly around Christmas time. I would venture to say they’re the most well known and made pastry besides lefse, and a true symbol of the holidays. Recipes for krumkaker can be found in the oldest Nordic […]
I was feeling experimental in the kitchen last week and decided to combine my two favourite bakes into one. The result? Chewy, sweet, oaty goodness! This vegan carrot cake flapjack recipe is worth trying out – you won’t be disappointed! Since transitioning to veganism I have been on a mission to try and recreate my […]
Frozen dessert chain 16 Handles has launched a new vegan menu featuring cashew-based soft-serve and egg-free cookie dough. According to Brit + Co, the brand partnered with New York-based sweep shop DŌ Cookie Dough Confection to create the new limited-edition plant-based dessert. Cookie Dough Craving, a cookie-flavored cashew soft-serve, is the first of new vegan […]
Dairy-free brand NadaMoo! has launched three new flavors of vegan ice cream. The brand now offers 18 flavors of dairy-free ice cream, including its three latest additions: Banana Caramel Crunch, Peach Cobbler, and Marshmallow Stardust. The latter flavor is described as a “mystical marshmallow explosion.” The brand told fans on Instagram that it tastes like Lucky Charms […]
Vegan meat brand Tofurky is launching its first-ever line of dairy-free cheesecakes as well as reviving its frozen plant-based Pepp’roni Pizza “Hot Pocket” style products. The cheesecake comes in three flavors – Triple Berry Swirl, New York Style Vanilla, and Chocolate – Tofurky’s first dessert line is in response to demand; the brand was overwhelmed with […]
These raw, vegan macaroons are great for hormone balance, increasing energy, and adrenal health. Macaroons make for tasty treats that look really cute, too. All the coconut in these provides healthy fats, which is good for your hormone balance, skin, and energy levels. Once you’ve made the base, you can choose which superfoods you want […]
Tesco is here to win over your heart this Valentine’s Day. The UK’s largest supermarket chain has launched a love-themed vegan brownie cake just in time for February 14. The brownie cake, which is shaped like a heart, is made with coconut milk, almond flour, and golden syrup, making it “rich and gooey,” according to the product’s […]

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