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Michal Siewierski, the award-winning director of “Food Choices,” is exposing the truth behind diet culture with the new documentary “Diet Fiction.” With a global launch scheduled for January 1st, 2019, the “ground-breaking” film will explore the question “what is making us fat?,” delving into issues of food addictions, weight loss fads, poverty, corporate wealth, marketing lies, and manipulation. According to the […]
Vegan entrepreneur, actor, and activist, Alicia Silverstone was recently featured in “Fridge Tours,” an online video series created by lifestyle magazine Women’s Health. In the segment, the star showed off her vegan fridge and expressed her views on the belief that soy affects with estrogen levels. Native to East Asia, soybeans are used to make a number of […]
Fifty-three percent of participants have chosen to keep animal products out of their diet following the end of the Vegan Summer Pledge. The challenge asked all who signed up to follow a plant-based diet for 30 days with free support from the animal rights charity, Animal Aid. According to the organization, a total of 1,392 […]
What changes can you expect when you go vegan? A nutritionist at King’s College of London explains that a plant-based diet can have tremendous health benefits, but, as with any diet, it’s important to keep in mind certain key nutrients to avoid harmful deficiencies and side effects. Sophie Medlin provides a run-down of the positives […]
Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their health and fitness, focusing more on their overall well-being than merely weight loss. As such, the fad diets of the past have slowly fallen out of favor. In their place, lifestyle diets have emerged, allowing people to not only sustain healthier eating habits but to become a part […]
Beyoncé’s vegan diet is powering her through rehearsals in preparation for her performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Beyoncé, labeled by the BBC as the voice of a generation, was forced to cancel her Coachella performance last year after strong recommendations from doctors. At the time, she was heavily pregnant with twins Rumi […]
Renowned researcher and author of the bestselling 2005 book, “The China Study,” T. Colin Campbell, PhD, says the war on cancer “has failed,” in large part because of a collective misunderstanding about the nature of the disease. Campbell, known for his commitment to a plant-based vegan diet, details his findings in six peer-reviewed articles. “The […]